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Attracting Top Talent Requires a Thorough Marketing Plan, Executed Perfectly

“[They] developed a strategic recruitment campaign that exceeded our hiring goals and dramatically increased our online visibility. They were fantastic; their communication efforts were above par…always went above and beyond.” – Jennifer Mushinskie, Communications Director for the UCPath


Schools such as UCLA, UC San Diego, Berkeley, and others, are members of one of the most prestigious university systems in the U.S. — the University of California system. The University’s fundamental missions are teaching, research, and public service.

In 2016, however, the UC system was in need of a major overhaul of its forty-year-old financial and HR systems to fully support the people who carry out the UC mission every day. Sweeping changes needed to be made to secure business-critical information in one central location.

In 2016, it began work on one of the most ambitious transformations the education world had ever seen. Already one of the leading job creators in the state, the University of California broke ground on a radically reimagined business services and employee administration center that required hiring more than 400 qualified employees across 11 unique job categories.

The idea for this new transformation centered around the notion that the new UCPath would handle payroll, benefits, and human resources transactions for all UC employees across every one of the systems’ nine campuses. It was a task of staggering complexity, and attracting all of the necessary talent in the time frame required would need a herculean marketing effort.


Some of the challenges the marketing team ran into before working with us were that they needed a bigger team.

So after they decided on us, we were excited to be part of such a great group of marketers.

The UCPath’s ambitious hiring plan called for an equally ambitious marketing plan. In order to reach the sort of talent needed to realize the Center’s vision, a comprehensive brand awareness campaign was required, along with a multi-platform marketing approach that leveraged email, social media, content marketing, video production, and more.

Collateral across a range of media needed to be created rapidly. It included:

  • 62 blog articles
  • 80 videos
  • 2,000+ social media posts
  • 100+ email campaigns

While speed was important, it couldn’t come at the expense of quality. The UC system’s previous marketing efforts set a high bar. The tenor for the talent attracted would in many ways be set by the quality of the marketing messages, and so it was critical they spoke to the right audience and communicated properly.


Before hiring could begin in earnest, the UCPath needed a brand image that would resonate with potential candidates. We rolled out its Blueprint strategy and set to work establishing brand standards that felt entirely appropriate and cohesive with the UC system’s existing branding, while still elevating it to occupy a unique position among the system’s various campuses.

We then built a custom campaign website using the newly designed logo and brand identity. With this basic collateral in place, our team felt it was necessary to establish precise characteristics for the sorts of people needed to fill the 400+ open jobs in the newly established department. To properly hone UC’s marketing messages, we formulated six buyer personas that sufficiently captured the breadth of the required talent.

With UCPath’s hiring audience established, work began on formulating targeted marketing assets that included strategic content development, email marketing and lead nurturing, and a tiered digital marketing strategy.

We felt video would be a crucial component to a campaign designed to attract human capital, and so we built a library of video content that highlighted the unique stories of UCPath employees, highlighting UC’s culture, and the benefits of working for the system.

The team also focused heavily on social media, developing a massive arsenal of social posts that engaged prospects on multiple platforms. This included blog content, social posts, and lead magnet content for job seekers. Throughout the process, we established exacting milestones and consistently measured their progress against them, with appropriate reporting and goal checking in place.


Over 8 million impressions


Over 120K website sessions


55% average email open rate


The campaign ran for more than two years, starting in September of 2017. In that time, our recruitment marketing program accounted for 23% of all UCPath applications, and 24% of all the employees hired during that period. This was the second-largest source of hires.

Data demonstrates that the marketing program was three times more effective at producing quality employees than the top application source, 100% of the employees hired as a result of the two-year program were deemed “quality” by the UCPath and still work there today. This was a major boon to the organization, in the form of reduced turnover and training costs.

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A Business Management Solutions Company Reached out to us to Become Thought Leaders in their Industry and Drive More Inbound Leads

“…truly feels like an extension of our team. We all work together and collaborate so well that we’re building off each other’s ideas and creating even better content. We also have a fantastic cadence going throughout the process, from IO to finished content. The strategy and supporting content are absolutely on target for our clients and referral partners.” – Lorin Gelfand, Dir. of Marketing and Communications at BBSI


BBSI was created to provide payroll administration, a great workers’ comp program, staffing and recruiting, and a variety of HR and business consulting services. But their real passion is wanting to understand who you are, your challenges and how they can make things easier for you

While BBSI has a mighty marketing team, they sought out the help of a marketing agency that could feel like an extension of their team.

They wanted an agency that understood the company just as they do. Someone who understands that BBSI stands for community first, adding significant value and being an invaluable partner for business owners. BBSI wanted to:

  • Develop a strategy to drive more inbound leads through an online source.
  • Build a robust and engaged client-side email database.
  • Re-engage lists.
  • Showcase their stability and expertise in HR management and risk mitigation.
  • Increase the number of engaged, informed, and excited business owners directed to regional sales reps from BBSI corporate marketing workflows.


Some of the challenges the marketing team ran into before working with us were that they needed a bigger team.

So after they decided on us, we were excited to be part of such a great group of marketers.

We dove in by learning about their brand and what it would take to help them achieve their goals, make their lives easier, and make BBSI a better company for those seeking business management services.


We made it our mission to understand BBSI and their employees, what their brand stands for, and to create content that blends seamlessly with their already established brand voice. We understood BBSI’s need for better organic search, re-engaging old lists, and converting new leads. 

We assisted by: 

  • Developing a strategy to drive more inbound leads through online sources
  • Positioning BBSI as a thought leader in business management by creating blogs that answered questions for their consumers and utilizing keywords for rankings
  • Integrated HubSpot with Salesforce
  • Re-engaging lists of over 13k brokers.
  • Creating a regular newsletter to keep their database engaged and growing 


of Organic Search were New Visitors


More Sessions


of New Customers from Organic Traffic


After implementing our campaign, the team at BBSI achieved their goal of increasing website traffic and successfully making their platform known. Some of the results were:

  • Improved organic search
  • Increased website traffic
  • Establishment as an industry thought-leader
  • HubSpot & Salesforce Integration
  • Increased Lead Generation
  • Email campaign management & improvement

One BBSI team member noted just how helpful our content has been by saying that their organization and extended network of partners and clients are engaging with the content which is driving their business forward.

So whether people choose to use BBSI for their business management or not, value-adding content proved instrumental in meeting industry needs and helped BBSI put its services in the public eye. 

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Dental Lab Direct is a lab and online retailer that delivers dental appliances directly to your door, eliminating the need to visit a dentist. 

Being able to consistently speak with 1 or 2 people from their team was great.” – Joe Bazzi, Founder of Dental Lab Direct

The Challenge

Dental Lab Direct is an online retailer that delivers dental appliances directly to your door, eliminating the need to visit a dentist. Dental appliances like partial dentures and retainers are costly on their own – visiting a dentist adds hefty additional surcharges that can prevent those with crooked or missing teeth from getting the products they need. These services can be performed directly from home, eliminating the need to visit a dentist.

The client approached us at 120/80 with three primary objectives:

  • Setting up their ecommerce operations
  • Building out a lucrative lead generation pipeline through digital paid and organic traffic
  • Identifying new opportunities for growth

Now just shy of a year after beginning their campaign, our digital marketing campaign for Dental Lab Direct has been a resounding success. Even as pandemic-related sales diminish, their sales continue to expand in all directions.

Our Approach

We began our campaign by starting where the client thought the greatest success would be achieved. After setting up ecommerce through Google Shopping, we experimented with adding additional channels to create more opportunities. The insights gained during this discovery phase allowed us to lift sales on products that were less popular while expanding sales for products with high demand.

Paid digital search generally focuses its efforts on Google, as the search engine constitutes a 92% market share globally. However, this percentage is not consistent across all demographics. It is estimated that around 71% of Bing users are 35 or older, and the average cost-per-click on Bing is nearly 60% lower than those on Google. As partial dentures constitute the bulk of Dental Lab Direct’s sales, targeting a search engine mostly frequented by older adults offered an easy opportunity to keep PPC costs low and revenue high. 18.5% of the clients traffic comes from Bing PPC efforts.

Our organic search campaign began with a competitor analysis to assess which terms they were ranking for, and keyword gaps that they had missed. A list was generated around these terms, and expanded to include related search queries. These keywords were further broken down by search volume against keyword difficulty to determine which content had the best opportunities for rankings.

The most successful content offers unique industry insights and perspectives. As our campaign gained traction, new keyword opportunities were discovered around products like DIY dentures – ones that dental experts have deemed neither safe nor reliable. Differentiating Dental Lab Direct’s services from these allows customers to learn more about what options will provide the best results, expanding our organic reach even further.


431% Return on Ad Spend


637% Increase in New Users


1650% Increase in Top 3 Ranking Keywords Positions

The Outcome

120/80’s campaign with Dental Lab Direct has been a resounding success. Over the course of a year, they have seen explosive growth with no end in sight.

A year after our initial engagement, our relationship with Dental Lab Direct has continued to evolve. A recent email campaign we launched has already seen a 1159% improvement in performance over the last three months when it was handled by a different vendor. Experimentation is essential to our methodology, and opportunities like this have allowed us to find new territory to expand beyond our competition.

Our success with Dental Lab Direct has taken place at all levels thanks to consistent communication between our team and the client. We have found competitors liable of optimizing an account at the beginning, and letting it run its course without communicating successes or missteps with the client. 120/80 recognizes that opportunities emerge throughout the life cycle of an account, and that the most successful digital marketing initiatives are an act of trial, error, and resolution.

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Acquirent is an outsourced sales and B2B lead generation company based out of Evanston, Illinois. Their mission is to recruit, train, and manage sales teams on behalf of clients ranging from innovative startups to Fortune 500 companies.

“When I started working with them, we asked for three things: leads, leads, and more leads! They delivered on all fronts.” – Kevin Morrisey, VP Acquirent

The Challenge

Our two main goals centered around generating new prospects and ensuring those prospects are qualified. When CEO Joe Flanagan approached Behind the Work for assistance with his company’s marketing goals, he told us he had three objectives: “leads, leads, and more leads.”

Acquirent had outsourced their marketing to companies in the past with mixed results – many of these had overpromised on their services or used measurements that were difficult to understand in terms of value.

Behind the Work recognized that Hubspot Marketing Hub would be the perfect software option for Acquirent, thanks to seamless integration tools and tools that helped deliver results in a way that could be easily communicated to the client.

Understanding the KPIs

  • Generate at least 150 leads per month
  • Increase opportunity to lead rate by 20%
  • Integrate tech stacks into a clean user interface.
  • Set up workflows and automation through LinkedIn and Emails
  • Utilize PPC to target new prospective leads
  • SEO Optimization delivered through weekly blogs and content syndication

The Buyers Journey

Before starting with our marketing efforts, Behind the Work had to understand what brought clients to Acquirent in the first place. We saw an immediate connection between Acquirent’s mission (recruit, train, and manage) and HubSpot’s flywheel (attract, engage, and delight). Their company’s success depends on scaling to client needs as their sales grow, and their business has relied on happy customers who become their best referrals.

Mastering their flywheel depended on reducing friction in this cycle.

Acquirent prides itself on its open office environment, training methodology, and proven success in outsourced b2b sales talent. With the move to remote working, this became a critical pain point for companies that might best utilize Acquirent’s services: “how can I hope to train my own sales team when we can’t even be in the same room?”

Acquirent’s robust roster of salespeople allows them to easily assign people to companies matching their personality type and sales ethic. While Acquirent initially struggled at the beginning of the pandemic, its services are uniquely suited to other companies in a remote working environment. We created lists around these ideal buyer personas and used marketing automation to target them.

Integrations + Workflows

Acquirent has a complex tech stack that had not been integrated into a central database. Hubspot’s dashboard was able to integrate Salesforce, WordPress, Google Ads, Callrail, NeverBounce, and their social pages together into an easy-to-read format.

Salesforce is the primary CRM at Acquirent, and HubSpot’s bidirectional workflows allowed information to be seamlessly updated between the platforms. These workflows also allowed us to clean up and organize their database, ensuring all future contacts would be assigned to their correct categories.

Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation was a strategy that we leveraged in multiple capacities: generating new contacts, and using prior customers to nurture relationships and build a network of referrals.

HubSpot allowed us to build out lists of ideal clients to send targeted messaging to, while engaging new audiences that hadn’t been contacted in the past. Behind the Work’s objective was not only to build out a new list of prospective leads, but to help nurture old ones – marketing automation was a method of achieving both. Targeting older clients with favorable reviews of Acquirent let us eliminate friction in their referral pipeline.

Our Solution

From the beginning, Joe Flanagan made it clear that he was only interested in KPIs that were “good for business, not the scorecard.” He wanted simple results that he could understand, so he could spend more time running his business and less time thinking about marketing strategy.

Hubspot Marketing Hub was the obvious solution to his marketing needs. It would allow us to perform the necessary changes for integrating their tech stacks, implementing marketing automation, and generating massive amounts of leads.

How HubSpot Led to our Success


Triggered workflows along Acquirent’s extensive tech stack, allowing us to set and schedule lead generation and nurturing campaigns.

Digital Paid Ads

Google Ads provided a key role in our strategy, targeted around a PPC keyword audit that delivered more focused ads.

Content Marketing

Content optimized to generate better incoming marketing leads through SEO principles.

Segmented Lists

Segmented buyers as they engaged with Acquirent’s digital marketing.

Reporting Dashboard

Acquirent’s marketing dashboard made it easy for them to understand marketing activities and sales performance.


Chatbots and CTAs implemented throughout the website to convert leads.


All forms were built through Hubspot

The Outcome + Looking Forward

Acquirent was stunned by the results that we were able to provide them with, thanks to Hubspot’s lead generation tools and marketing automation features. Not only have we been able to expand their pipeline growth significantly from pre-pandemic levels – we have continued to push their outsourced sales initiatives and expand their team when clients have needed them the most.

  • Increased closed deals by 39%
  • Increased MQLs by 100%
  • Increased users by 46%
  • Increased new users by 47%
  • Increased sessions by 43.5%
  • Increased page views by 19%


39% Increase in Closed Deals


386% Increase in Qualified Leads

Acquirent grew quickly in 2021. Embracing the possibility of remote work, Acquirent has been able to expand its hiring beyond the borders of Evanston, and opportunities arose. In June of 2021, they acquired Vorsight, an outsourced sales organization based in the D.C. area.

Behind the Work wanted to ensure that their branding and image matched the pace of their business. It was imperative that we updated their website to be mobile-friendly as well as simple to navigate.

To create Acquirent’s new website, we connected with Glantz Design. Acquirent has always boasted high traffic through organic searches, so it was important that during the transition, we were able to keep their search rankings intact while refreshing the text and look.

Acquirent Website

As part of our drive to create new ways of connecting with audiences, we experimented with a video chatbot on their main page. This has proven to be a strong conversion engine for their website, making lead generation even more streamlined.


Acquirent came to us to get back on track after being derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We delivered with optimal results – HubSpot let us deliver more qualified leads at a higher volume, with a range of tools that let us target multiple segments. Acquirent has quadrupled their lead generation through an automated system that consistently delivers on ROI.

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“Behind the Work understands what we are trying to do – they have a clear understanding of how their impacts our team.”

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A Dental Practice Patient Engagement Platform Turned to us to Increase Traffic and Drive New Customer Acquisition Through the Buyer’s Journey

…It’s so refreshing to have a company put in the work on the front end to really know and understand your product, brand, and voice – I have been continually amazed by how well they have been able to produce content that is aligned with our goals and vision. On top of incredible content, they have the expertise to practically implement content strategies via HubSpot and make sure every piece is getting in front of the right people at the right time. They have saved me so much time and energy and have been an absolute delight to partner with. – Kelly Kaufman, Director of Demand Generation for Modento


A lot goes into managing a dental practice, and Modento equips providers with the tools they need to run as efficiently as possible. The developers of this all-in-one patient engagement platform knew they had a tool that could benefit many providers, but they needed some help getting their story out to their audience.

After looking at multiple marketing agencies, the team at Modento turned to us to increase website traffic, drive engagement, and generate thoughtful content that proved their industry knowledge. The goals prior to starting the campaign looked like the following:

  • Improving monthly traffic to 300 visits per month starting three months after the campaign began 
  • Initiating discussions that show their status as an industry thought leader
  • Increasing engagement and lead generation due to a better experience across the buyer journey


Being a small startup in the software development industry sometimes requires each team member to take on multiple roles, and that can make a deep dive into each marketing channel a difficult task. The developers at Modento felt this pain point, with one team member saying:

“…Being a small startup and a one-woman marketing team at that time and wearing a lot of different hats, I just was spread too thin. I felt like I was kind of scratching the surface on a lot of different marketing channels and marketing efforts and didn’t have the time or manpower or knowledge to go deeper. And some of those channels, specifically inbound content and blog content, (were) those things that I really wanted to prioritize as we were working to become a thought leader in our space and in our industry, but just didn’t have the resources to pursue.”

The Modento team knew they needed help marketing their product, but while other agencies offered the same host of video, blog, and production deliverables, they felt an organic connection was lacking. They wanted to leverage their inbound and blog content to drive higher traffic and more engagement on their site, but they didn’t want a one-size-fits-all approach. Their goal was to reach 300 website visits per month with content that showed their value, but they wanted to be treated like a partner, not just a project.


We pride ourselves on meeting each client on their terms, so we found ourselves compatible with the team at Modento right from the start. We understood their need for higher website traffic, and we partnered with them to help them reach their goal. We assisted by: 

  • Developing a strategy to drive more inbound leads through online sources
  • Positioning Modento as a revolutionary technology that is transparent and high-value, setting it apart from its more established competitors 
  • Showcasing Modento’s advantages in price, packages, and feature offerings
  • Developing content that builds Modento’s authority and thought-leadership in patient engagement 
  • Building trust through high-quality, video-supported case studies and testimonials
  • Increasing the number of live-demo requests 
  • Using content to educate current users on how they can access more features to derive additional value from the platform


By launching a campaign that would inform visitors, display the platform’s value, and address common dentistry practice concerns, we sought to furnish Modento with content that would both heighten visibility and drive visitors through the funnel — and the results show that we did.


Of contacts converted from organic search to customers


Website visitors per month after just 3 months


Their website traffic in 9 months


After implementing our campaign, the team at Modento had achieved their goal of increasing website traffic, and were successfully making their platform known. Some of the results were:

  • Over 10 times more blog readers 
  • Greater content engagement
  • Establishment as an industry thought-leader
  • More positive visitor feedback

One Modento team member noted just how helpful our content had proven by citing how many clients told him that they were reevaluating their patient management structures because of the insights they’d found on Modento’s blog.

So whether they purchase the platform or not, our relevant, value-adding content proved instrumental in meeting industry needs and helped Modento put their product on display.

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How a logistics technology provider crushed their lead-gen goals by over 1,000% in 2020 through in-depth buyer personas and targeted campaigns

“The content that you help us produce and the rate of frequency throughout those long sales cycles really helps support the building of trust between us and that prospective customer. They see and hear the same things online as they see and hear them from our people and our customers. That continuity is incredibly valuable.” – Erin Leahy of Tideworks Technology

Preparing its customers for the realities of the logistics landscape


Tideworks Technology provides cost-effective, reliable terminal operating systems and graphical planning solutions for marine and intermodal terminal operations worldwide. Founded in 1999, Tideworks has 40 years of experience as the technology division for Carrix, Inc., which now operates more cargo terminals than any other company in the world.

Today, over 300,000 logistics professionals utilize their systems daily to load vessels and trains, track containers, make payments, and more at over 100 marine and intermodal terminals globally.


Tideworks, like most highly technical B2B companies, operate in dense, competitive industries with extremely long lead times. Before engaging Behind the Work, Tideworks was an established industry stalwart thanks largely to their industry partnerships and word-of-mouth due to outstanding tech and customer service. That said, leadership wanted to expand how Tideworks approached educating prospects on their solutions. 

In sectors where 6-figure deals and long sales cycles are standard, companies who invest in content to drive SEO, educate readers, and deliver high-quality leads to sales reps are going to stay ahead in the increasingly online B2B marketplace. Tideworks’ main challenge was their ambition to create consistent content at scale, paired with the lack of resources internally to execute that plan.

They needed a partner who could act as an extension of their own business, speak the industry language, and consistently develop content to address customer pain points.

More specifically, Tideworks had the following objectives: 

  • Improve global SEO to rank higher in SERPs
  • Establish themselves as a thought-leader in the industry 
  • Increase and maintain consistent website traffic
  • Attract more leads
  • Build out a new company blog


When dealing with complex (and expensive) products with long sales cycles, content must do the heavy lifting to educate prospective customers. Something interesting happens when your marketing does the job of informing and answering common questions early in the lead funnel – your reps have much more time to focus on the highly engaged, highly informed sales-qualified-leads in front of them. 

Persona research divulged that customers in this space already had a base knowledge of terminal operating software systems and their basic functions.

However, there were two key themes to stick to:

  • Relate the real-world issues personas experience in their jobs to how the Tideworks team and complex products could address them. 
  • Emphasize the capabilities of the team behind the product and the innovative support you should receive from a prospective provider during the buying process

With that in mind, Behind the Work proposed a strategy based on building narrow campaigns around certain high-value products offered by Tideworks and the specific ways they function to solve everyday problems. Illustrated below are the two campaign structures built around the Mainsail Terminal Operating System, Tideworks flagship product, and Tideworks Insight, a popular add-on to Mainsail.


253 Leads Generated Beating a 9 Month Goal of 24


38,139 Website Sessions Beating Goal by 30.7%

Digging Deeper

The campaigns below illustrate a marriage between the traditional inbound methodology and the target customers’ specific research habits. 

The campaigns’ foundations are in-depth, educational pillar pages centered around highly-searched broad topics intended to drive organic traffic to the website. From the pillar page, visitors would become a lead or MQL by submitting their information to receive one of the gated content offers (i.e., TOS Decision Guide or Data-Driven Decision Making Webinar). With the lead information captured, marketing automation would continue to educate and nurture through product and use-case-specific content offers until a lead was educated and engaged enough to be passed along to a sales rep. 

That’s the magic of inbound marketing. It’s not rocket science. Those who succeed are not merely lucky or “in the right place at the right time.” It’s all about human connection. It simply understands your audience’s pain points and research habits, so you can make their buying journey as painless to navigate as possible.


Even in light of the COVID-19 pandemic that shuttered port operations worldwide, Tideworks’ goals were still comfortably exceeded because they continued to position their content in ways that attracted organic attention from their target personas.

Tideworks converted an average of 42% of leads to become marketing-qualified. 17% of those MQLs became sales-qualified.

Contributed by BTW Content Team

Contributed by BTW Content Team
Turning Unknown Developers Into Excited Advocates For Computer Vision


alwaysAI is an ambitious software startup located in Solana Beach, CA. They’ve been developing a proprietary, deep-learning computer vision system that they market to other software developers looking to add computer vision functionality into their products.

The product developed by the tech startup was rock solid. The difficulty was they didn’t have a system for marketing their new technology.

They knew they had to get the product into developers’ hands to start collecting feedback and building interest, but they didn’t know where to begin.

They were running up against a wall. 

alwaysAI was certain developers would be excited to put the product through its paces once they got a hold of it, but they were too busy developing the product to manage large-scale outreach.

They needed help. They needed results quickly.


When you have your nose to the grindstone, churning out code day in and day out you don’t get the chance to do much else. That was the position alwaysAI found themselves in.

Because they didn’t have the time to engage with their target markets, they were operating mostly on guesswork. They thought they understood who their customers were, but they had no way to verify their assumptions.

As part of our initial research, we interviewed developers and executives from around the industry to develop accurate personas. We quickly learned that many of alwaysAI’s assumptions about their target market were not fully correct.

The company also had very little in the way of basic marketing information. Further compounding their problems, they had no real measures for judging the success or failure of a marketing campaign, besides vanity metrics like website sessions. That wasn’t granular enough to tell them if they were really making headway with the developers they needed to reach. In a very real sense, they were flying blind.


We realized early on that our strategy would have to work around the fact that assets didn’t exist. We could create those as we went, but the immediate push had to be to introduce the brand and build general awareness. And we needed to get people excited about the product.

We decided on a longer-term strategy that focused on the assets we did have — the company’s vision for their future and for the platform itself. We would build a campaign with short term tactics serving as kindling to support the longer-term strategy of building organic interest through deep content development.

Our blueprint process persona research told us that our target developers preferred to vet products for themselves. They didn’t trust marketing messages on their own. They needed to see the product in action. They needed to understand how it worked, how it would integrate with their software, and what its capabilities were.

We decided that the best way to reach a target that required such a deep exploration of the product was to create content. A lot of content. And specifically, video content. Video allowed us to present in-depth product information in a visual format that made it easier for developers to appreciate the product’s benefits.

We made product demos, real-world use cases, tutorials, technical descriptions, and more. We translated the tutorials into illustrated, step-by-step product guides. We wrote about the product extensively. 

We knew that lead generation with these leery developers would only work if we could build a significant amount of trust in alwaysAI and their platform. So we made certain developers had no shortage of informative collateral to whet their appetites. 

In publishing this content, we eschewed standard social media sites because our research dictated the target market didn’t put much stock in those platforms. Instead, we focused on specialized platforms that cater to developers like Stack Overflow and GitHub, and viable developer communities like those found on Medium.

As we rolled out our content strategy we were simultaneously building all of the other assets we needed to properly convert developers when the time came, including a knowledge base, a thorough pricing page, and backend automation.

It was an all-out, high-quality content blitz intended to cultivate fertile ground for the upcoming beta. And it worked.


2,021% Increase in Traffic in 10 Months


20k Average Website Sessions per Month


3,532 Beta Users Signed Up


Through our efforts, we helped alwaysAI zero in on the developers most likely to be early adopters for the software. We listened to what they wanted and created a massive content campaign to get them informed and excited about the product.

In the end, it all came down to their beta release. They needed a reservoir of primed developers that knew what the software could do for them and were ready to start experimenting with it.

The day came and alwaysAI reported initial installs far in excess of their targets. As the beta went on, it became abundantly clear that the marketing campaign had been a success. People were downloading the software and using it in their prototypes. They were talking about it on developer sites. And most importantly, they were loving the product.

AlwaysAI was thrilled with the results. Their product is starting to enjoy widespread acceptance among developers interested in deep learning computer vision technologies and they credit our campaign with laying the groundwork for their success. 

We managed to discern the right market, target them with the content they wanted, and transform them into an avid user base. Just as alwaysAI brings vision to objects that were previously blind, our campaign opened the eyes of developers around the world to the company’s potential.

This is a classic example of having the right product at the right time. We simply made certain the right people knew what it could do for them.

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Fostering Growth for San Diego’s Leading Private School

“[They] had great ideas for different content pieces to target each group, and I think more than anything, it permitted us to just target a group instead of trying to be everything to everybody. It focused us and was a change from the blanket approach we had taken in the past.” – Dawn Saunders, Dir. of Marketing at Santa Fe Christian School


Santa Fe Christian Schools (SFC), a private Christian school in San Diego, CA, thrives on its mission to prepare global leaders while making a difference in the world for Christ. 

Believing that teaching is their calling, each faculty member is committed to guiding individual students to discover new interests, develop and utilize their talents, and deepen their faith in the process. 

A small school with significant opportunities allows for countless choices–as an Upper School student is digging into a college-level math class, they may also be performing in the school musical while playing a varsity sport. 

SFC stands apart as a pillar in the Christian community in San Diego through their commitment to providing every opportunity for students to grow their Christian faith through Bible study, chapel, small groups, spiritual retreats, community service, and mission trips.


SFC knew they needed to invest in content to attract prospective families to the advantages of private Christian education, nurture them with the school’s mission and values, and evangelize their current families. 

With tuition ranging from close to $14,000 to over $21,000 annually, families need to be sure their children will have the absolute best access to a quality faith-based education experience possible. 

SFC has a small team of dedicated marketing professionals who, like most businesses, wear many hats in their day-to-day. Said Dawn Saunders, SFC Director of Marketing Communications, “I tried to do inbound myself and realized that I was so short-handed. There’s no way that I could do what my brain wanted to do with the resources we had. No matter what I did, even if I hired another inbound professional, we weren’t going to be able to keep up with the content that I wanted to produce.”

Goals and Objectives

We focused on the school’s two most lucrative personas, kindergarten and middle school families. Santa Fe Christian Schools wanted to achieve the following through inbound content marketing efforts: 

  • Increase in tours booked for kindergarten parents 
  • Increase in tours booked for families of children entering middle school
  • A mechanism to engage and retain current parents


Our strategy team set out to conduct extensive persona research through interviews with current and prospective SFC families to learn about their challenges before SFC, goals for their children’s education, preferred media consumption methods, and research habits. 

We created a comprehensive, ungated pillar page to convince curious parents that there is an alternative to public schooling that, through smaller class sizes, increased personalized learning opportunities, etc., would set their children apart. 

For families to learn more about the school and vice versa, we constructed a “Kickoff Questionnaire” that further educates a lead on what specifically SFC can offer, and allows SFC to gain valuable insights into the leads that they can later use to grow the relationship with a family. 

With the key content, lead generation and automation processes in place, the only goal left to address was family retention. 

We developed a weekly podcast to keep current SFC parents engaged. These 20-30 minute episodes dive into what makes SFC a special place, reaffirming their investment with each episode download.


40% average MoM increase in traffic


Acquired 98% of the original MQL goal


Converted 77% of MQLs to SQLs


Initial Goals

Our team surveyed past website data to project campaign performance over a 3-6 month time span as follows:

  • Goal #1 – Website Visits – Increase average month-over-month website traffic by 30%.
  • Goal #2 – Marketing-Qualified Leads – Convert 2.5% of visitors into marketing-qualified leads (MQLs), equaling a total of 156 MQLs.
  • Goal #3 – Sales-Qualified Leads Conversion Rate – Nurture 30% of marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) into sales-qualified leads (SQLs).
  • Goal #4 – Sales-Qualified Leads – Connect approximately 47 sales-qualified parents (SQLs) with an admissions officer for an appointment.


118 meetings booked with sales


140% increase over original SQL goal