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eCommerce Marketing Services

Build Awareness, Customer Loyalty, and Boost Sales.

Our dedicated team of experts at Behind the Work strives to help you drive traffic, retain customers, and grow your business. We are a marketing agency with extensive experience and a proven track record of helping eCommerce companies take their business to the next level.

CASE STUDY: Crescent Electric

300%+ Purchases | 2M+ New Website Users

Our Approach to Educational Marketing Services

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to
marketing for a company.

Behind the Work dives deep into your products and services to understand your customers’ needs and differentiate your business from the competition. From there, we will analyze customer behaviors, strategize the best ways to connect with your audience, and drive lead flow using cross-channel methods, including paid digital ads, organic search, marketing strategy, and more.

Revenue and ROI Focused

A continuous flow of revenue is needed to keep your business operational, and you want to make sure that your investments are paying off. At Behind the Work, we deliver quality content and implement proven growth marketing strategies to ensure that every cent improves your ROI and helps scale your business.

MoM and YoY SMART Goals

Goal setting helps guide our focus and gives us direction. And as a business owner, setting goals is not an unfamiliar concept to you. Our team of marketing professionals uses analytics and trends to help you meet customers where they’re at in the buyer’s journey to help you keep pace with your month-over-month and year-over-year goals.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

Loyal customers make up 80% of a business’s revenue. They spread the word about your business, are more likely to buy other products, and aren’t easily swayed by price or availability. As such, these customers are some of your most valuable business assets. Behind the Work will utilize inbound marketing strategies to achieve higher profits, fewer abandoned carts, and produce happy customers.

Strategy & Consulting

Our marketing strategists take the time to understand your company and guide you with actionable solutions that reach, engage, and convert clients. We do the work so you have more time to focus on what you do best – getting products and services out to your customers.



Great content deserves to be seen, and SEO provides the spotlight. Search engine optimization is essential for ranking at the top of your audience’s results pages, and our team of SEO experts ensures that you are front and center.


Content Marketing

Content reigns supreme. Our dedicated content team will create quality content using tried-and-true methods that capture your expertise and help you build authority.



Centralize and streamline your tech stack with a comprehensive, cloud-based platform that aligns the tools and resources you need. Leveraging HubSpot, our team of experts will work with you to develop marketing, sales, service, operations, and website-building tools.



Demand for video content is increasing. With 9 out of 10 consumers asking for more video content from the businesses they buy from, our team is on a mission to help your business increase conversions with engaging and informative video content.


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They have an organized, helpful, and knowledgeable team — the people in our group are Google Ads experts, which is exactly what we’re looking for.


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